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All Business is Social Business


You can’t go five seconds on the web today without someone mentioning the link between social media and the business world a.k.a. “social business.” Even the most hardened old-school business guru would have to admit that selling today involves social media – whether they like it or not.

Being pelted by self-promotional Tweets, customer service questions on Facebook, and requests to partner up on LinkedIn may not seem like the definition of meaningful interaction in your business, but social media offers one key advantage over the traditional hand-shake-and-business-card-exchange.

The Google Trail

The saying may be “No man is an island,” but it’s even truer for business owners. There’s absolutely no way to successfully run a business and be totally isolated. Once you’ve made the leap to sell products or services to others, you’re forced to interact with them whether you like it or not!

The people you interact with the most with a business, of course, are your customers. You market to attract them, and then when someone comes into your shop, you talk to them to see what they need. They give you an idea what they want and you help them find their item. Later, if they have a problem, they come back in and describe the problem. You subsequently fix their
issue and they go away happy.

Although it all seems much more complicated, this is exactly what all business owners are doing online. You can have the fanciest Facebook business page in the world but at its core it’s only doing what was described above. In other words, a social business is just being a business!

Fortunately, Facebook – and it’s many social media counterparts like Twitter, forums, blogs, Pinterest and so on into infinity hold an advantage over simply talking to everyone who walks into your store or who you meet at a networking event. On social media, everyone you meet is wearing a big sign describing what they’re all about, which is the biggest advantage to a social

So sure, business is just as social as it’s ever been, but now you’re well armed, where before you were flying blind.


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