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Brands — be found and stand out


Social. #Social. @Social. However you spell it, your brand is likely moving towards expanding it’s social footprint.  But Fortune 1000 brands are facing several distinct challenges in their quest to become “social”. How can brands keep their audience engaged once their social page is found, followed or friended? Can a multi-faceted brand really be everything to everyone?

Know your audience

The Olympics are behind us, but the social media buzz created from the last few weeks will trickle for months to come. An infographic from Sysomos details just how much traction big brands and athletes gained from the Olympics.  While the momentum was fantastic for brands, the subsequent challenge for Fortune 1000 brands is not just keeping the traction going but actually being able to create and maintain a unique voice and place for individual sub-brands. Take Nike for instance. Upon doing a quick Google search for their Facebook page, I noticed that they have a Facebook page for almost all their core audiences – football, basketball, tennis, whatever your interest.

Nike Social

Each of these pages allows for it’s own timeline, events, photos, and creating it’s own destination page. This allows the brands to expand their social footprint, while still keeping their focus and targeting a larger audience. Well done!

Stay true to your brand’s voice

I recently read a great post on Hubspot’s blog highlighting brands that are “followable”. We’ve all seen brands that have a Facebook or Twitter page but there’s hardly any content that allows you to either connect to the brand or their products. The examples cited in the Hubspot post are epic! Old Spice’s Twitter battle with Taco Bell is one for the ages. Both brands are able to play off of each other’s quirkiness while still holding their ground and pleasing fans. The Facebook page of local company Pop Chips does a great job of bringing their fans into the world of Pop Chips and their brand. Getting ‘Chip-wasted’ for the weekend? Sign me up.

See and be seen

When I want to find out information about a company, chances are the Google results will take me to the brand’s social media page. A challenge we hear at Fliptop from other B2B companies is to help them fill out the social identities associated with companies within their database. Fliptop’s BrandGraph does exactly that – provide us with either a company name or URL, and we’ll return social identities for that company.  Check out the Fliptop BrandGraph page for more information.




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