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Typhoon Time


Today in Taipei we are working from our hotel and not the Fliptop office due to a Typhoon. Typhoon SAOLA arrived last night and was forecast to be a category 3 with winds gusting to 150mph, but thankfully it weakened with winds only reaching 90mph.

Fliptop Typhoon

Although the winds dropped off before it hit Taipei it did still caused damage. This was just outside our hotel – a tree had fallen and knocked a line of scooters and motorcycles.

Fliptop Typhoon Warning

The hotel passed on this very useful piece of advice!

The wind and rain has now started to slacken off and we will all be back in the office tomorrow. All members of the Fliptop team are well and other than they’re being no pair programming today, Typhoon SAOLA did not really affect us.




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