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Sweat Equity in Customer Profile Data


This week Dan Chiao and I, Tom Lee, went out to our Taiwan office, as we are getting ready for a number of big things including social contacts for salesforce. It’s my first time in Taipei and I was not quite prepared for the heat and humidity after getting used to San Francisco’s cool summers. The other difference to tomSan Francisco’s weather is Typhoons and there is one arriving tonight. Looks like we might be getting a bit wet

We also have some things to take care, like getting a bigger office as we have outgrown our current one.

As there are quite a few people in the office the air-con is not really working that well turning the office into a “sweatshop”.

We outgrew our San Francisco office last month and still hiring here in Taipei and in San Francisco. With development teams in both locations we are able to support our customers much better and respond to requests much quicker, but need more talented people.


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