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Time to break out the calendars and frequent flyer miles, there are countless social media marketing events and there have been more than a few major changes in the world of social media.  To not stay current means getting left behind in the dust so check out this list of the must attend social media conferences. It’s not a complete list by any stretch of the imagination, but the conferences included all have their own spin and niche audience. You’d be wise to make it to at least one.

Social Media Marketing Events & Conferences to Attend

PubConPubcon has the distinction of being in two fantastic locations in the upcoming year – Las Vegas (November 8-10, 2011) and Hawaii (February 13-15, 2012). I can’t think of a better place to learn about social media and search engine marketing, can you?

Featuring people from Disney, CNN, HubSpot, SearchRank…the list just goes on and on. If you can someone who might have any influence on the world of social media, social, and search marketing, they will be there, ready to teach. Just make sure you’re ready to learn (between Vegas shows and Hawaiian sunsets, of course)!

Blogworld & New Media Expo – Formerly a Las Vegas attraction but now in Los Angeles, Blogworld (November 3-5, 2011) is a three day conference, one of the biggest in the world. It covers issues in small and large businesses and features speakers like Jason Falls and Peter Shankman.

Obviously if you’re really interested in blogging, this is the conference for you as some of the biggest on the web usually show up. However, it’s also killer for networking – most major brands you can think of will be in attendance, often with their executives in tow. If you want to court blog mentions for your brand, this is where the top notch bloggers will be.

Web 2.0 – Coming up on October 10, the Web 2.0 Expo (New York) and Summit (San Fran) cover more of the ”tech” and strategists side of social media and new web. If you don’t think that’s important or it’s too nerdy, you’ll be in for a big surprise when you walk through the front doors.

The Expo and Summit are all about looking forward and planning ahead. As you know, the Web and social media are constantly changing – just look at Facebook. Someone needs to be ahead of the curve to ease people into the new world, and you might as well be a part of it.

Social Media Conference – Can’t get a much more basic name than “Social Media Conference.”  Luckily, the conference itself is anything but. It also gets around – the last conference was in Moscow; though, the one coming up in January is in a tiny bit cozier spot: Miami.

Social Media Conference (January 23-30, 2012) is a week long event, and there is so much that’s covered it’s hard to know where to start. There are presentations about strategic communication, mobile social networking, and even military social media tech. They bring in people from Fortune 1000 companies, venture capitalists, and even the government to discuss and teach. You’re seriously missing out if you skip this one.

The Social Media Strategies Summit SeriesFeaturing people from companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Zappos, The Social Media Strategies Summit Series takes place in October in London and Las Vegas in February of next year. Look for amazing line-ups for both events, so you get a treat no matter which one you attend.

Over three days, visitors will learn from professionals and companies how to best market themselves online in today’s fast paced world. To really stand out now you really need a sharp plan, and if you can’t develop one after this summit, you may just be out of luck!

What events does the future hold for you?  We’d like to find you on the road so let us know where you’ll be and let’s get together!


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