Fliptop at Dreamforce


Heading to Dreamforce this year? If so, make sure to check out Fliptop’s exciting line-up below.  We packed the week with 6 presentations including how our customer InsideView is leveraging Predictive Lead ScoringDriving Predictable Revenue, a Customer Success Story Featuring NewVoiceMedia, and panel on the Future of Predictive Analytics.

In addition to our booth at Dreamforce, W825, Fliptop is sponsoring ‘The Open Lounge‘ at One Kearny, just blocks away from the Dreamforce expo hall at Moscone Center.…

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Marketo Launchpoint Webinar with TrackMaven


Fliptop is pleased to announce we are putting on webinar with our Launchpoint partner Marketo and joint customer TrackMaven on Wednesday, October 1st, at 10 am PT.

Do you want to significantly boost predictable revenue, the holy grail of SaaS companies? Of course you do! Register for this information-packed session to discover how TrackMaven, a competitive intelligence and analysis company for digital marketers, was able to leverage Marketo and Fliptop, a predictive lead scoring company, to meet their lofty sales goals.…

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5 Unsolved Problems With Lead Scoring (Until Now)

There are five identifiable flaws with traditional lead scoring that are addressed with the more sophisticated model of predictive lead scoring. They can make uncomfortable reading for those operating on an old model, but represent a significant opportunity for those who intend to do something about it.…

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Predict 2014 – The Event for the Data Driven Marketer


Only 2 days left to get your tickets for Predict 2014. It is going to be a full day of content on demand generation, optimizing sales and marketing funnel, insights to the future of the marketing cloud and more. Register and hear from marketing practitioners, CMOs, VCs, and for a chance to network with other B2B marketers.

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 6.27.57 PMIf that’s not enough reason to attend, here are my four top reasons to attend Predict 2014:

1.  The Marketing Cloud Panel

Fliptop CEO Doug Camplejohn will moderate Jon Miller of Marketo, Lisa Hauge of Salesforce, Mark Friedler of Oracle, and Jeff Allen of Adobe as they discuss the future of the marketing cloud.…

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How Predictive Lead Scoring Changed The Sales & Marketing Funnel

Nothing stands still forever. No one talks about Lead Scoring anymore because the tools of the game have changed. With Fliptop’s Predictive Lead Scoring, we help companies to increase lift. This means both the opportunities available (sales leads) and total achievable revenue. We want to show you not just what is now possible, but what has become essential.

A recent case study from one of our clients, Intuit, revealed the dramatic lift B2B organizations can experience with the right scoring model.…

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Why No One Talks About Lead Scoring Anymore

All great things come to an end eventually. For years, Lead Scoring has been the yardstick for marketing and sales teams to meet around. Departments have agreed, disagreed and everything in between about criteria, definitions and the finer details that go into the process of customer acquisition. However, one thing has always been clear; if you can get Lead Scoring right, it will work wonders for your organization.…

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5 Differences Between Traditional and Predictive Lead Scoring

There has been a lot of talk about predictive lead scoring this year and many companies are investigating what predictive is and how it can be applied to their organization.  I want to take a minute to explain the 5 main differences I found between traditional lead scoring and predictive lead scoring.

1. Score based on assumptions versus a score tied to actual outcomes

The method most marketing automation software companies recommend you use to build lead scoring is to first get marketing and sales in a room to assign point values to actions a lead can take on your website and with your content.  20 points for watching a webinar, 40 points for requesting a demo, -10 for visiting the careers page, etc.  This sounds nice on the surface but there is no actual proof that watching a webinar leads to a purchase.  Marketing team is assuming that content consumption equals purchase intent.…

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The Secrets to Keeping A VP of Sales Happy


(Image: Flickr user elston)

The relationship between the VP of Marketing and the VP of Sales is one of the most important yet least cherished organizational dynamics. Too often a source of conflict, the benefits of prioritizing and nurturing this departmental divide into a state of functional harmony is crucial to any company’s ambitions. According to Maria Pergolino (@InboundMarketer) at Apptus:

I think that sales and marketing alignment happens when both parties realize they are trying to achieve the exact same outcome.

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In Memoriam: Robbie Cheng 1980-2014


Our Coding Rabbit, Robbie Cheng, was more than just a founding member of our engineering team – he was its heart and soul. From planning our offsites, to organizing our volunteer activities, to buying the entire company drinks on his own tab, Robbie made sure we never forgot that the people – not the code – are what really matter here at Fliptop.…

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We scored 1.6 million leads over the weekend


In fact, we scored them in about 3 hours. What did you do this weekend?

We are able to process so many leads quickly as it is in the core of our company.  Fliptop started in the social data matching business.  With just an email, we had the ability to match a person to their social profile.  We found that our customers were using the social data matching in order to construct better lead scoring.  So we decided to take our solution a couple steps further and build a predictive lead scoring platform.…

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