5 Differences Between Traditional and Predictive Lead Scoring

There has been a lot of talk about predictive lead scoring this year and many companies are investigating what predictive is and how it can be applied to their organization.  I want to take a minute to explain the 5 main differences I found between traditional lead scoring and predictive lead scoring.

1. Score based on assumptions versus a score tied to actual outcomes

The method most marketing automation software companies recommend you use to build lead scoring is to first get marketing and sales in a room to assign point values to actions a lead can take on your website and with your content.  20 points for watching a webinar, 40 points for requesting a demo, -10 for visiting the careers page, etc.  This sounds nice on the surface but there is no actual proof that watching a webinar leads to a purchase.  Marketing team is assuming that content consumption equals purchase intent.…

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The Secrets to Keeping A VP of Sales Happy


(Image: Flickr user elston)

The relationship between the VP of Marketing and the VP of Sales is one of the most important yet least cherished organizational dynamics. Too often a source of conflict, the benefits of prioritizing and nurturing this departmental divide into a state of functional harmony is crucial to any company’s ambitions. According to Maria Pergolino (@InboundMarketer) at Apptus:

I think that sales and marketing alignment happens when both parties realize they are trying to achieve the exact same outcome.

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In Memoriam: Robbie Cheng 1980-2014


Our Coding Rabbit, Robbie Cheng, was more than just a founding member of our engineering team – he was its heart and soul. From planning our offsites, to organizing our volunteer activities, to buying the entire company drinks on his own tab, Robbie made sure we never forgot that the people – not the code – are what really matter here at Fliptop.…

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We scored 1.6 million leads over the weekend


In fact, we scored them in about 3 hours. What did you do this weekend?

We are able to process so many leads quickly as it is in the core of our company.  Fliptop started in the social data matching business.  With just an email, we had the ability to match a person to their social profile.  We found that our customers were using the social data matching in order to construct better lead scoring.  So we decided to take our solution a couple steps further and build a predictive lead scoring platform.…

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The One Thing Your VP of Marketing Needs To Give Your VP of Sales

You may or may not be aware of The Curse of Knowledge (TCOK).

Simply put, it’s a cognitive bias that causes those in the know to struggle to explain things to those who aren’t so in the know.

Knowledge of a particular field of business is obviously a strong and hard-earned blessing, but when that knowledge reaches an apex where it starts to hinder an organization’s internal communications, it’s time for a re-think.…

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What it’s like working for Fliptop

I will never forget my first day at Fliptop. I walked into work and my VP of Sales, Tom Lee, and our French Designer (as she likes to call herself), Claire were in a heated ping pong match. Next thing I know I am at the table playing against Tom. Let’s just say my years of playing tennis did not help that first day.…

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What Every VP of Marketing Should Be Getting From Sales

This is a follow up to our previous post, What Every VP of Sales Should Be Getting From Marketing.

The  progress of any organization lies in the free flow of information and in the agreement of priorities. You can throw up a hundred quotes about leadership and the the tantalizing ingredients of success, but it all boils down to this.…

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How To Have More Productive Sales & Marketing Meetings


Anyone who’s spent some time in an office will know that meetings are a double-edged sword……

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Moving on Up! New Offices for Fliptop

I had my first anniversary this week at Fliptop. Okay, so its only been a month, but who says you can’t celebrate a month of (customer) success and big milestones?

The last 4 weeks has been chock full of product meetings, developing new content and resources, documenting and streamlining processes, meeting with clients, AND moving.  Yes, that’s right, I said moving.…

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Sales and Marketing Events to Attend in H2 2014


With 2014 officially halfway through, it’s time to make sure you don’t miss out on tickets for these remaining brilliant marketing events around the world. Attending these events  in person is an amazing opportunity to meet other marketers and learn the latest in B2B marketing. Which will you be making an appearance at?

Salesforce1 World Tour
When: July 14
Where: Anaheim Marriott, Boston
What: See how you can connect your apps, devices, and customer data, all with one powerful Customer Platform designed for the new hyper-connected world of customers.…

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